Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mornië Utúlië-Od Zmierzchu Do Świtu Review

1. Melancholia
2. Od Zmierzchu Do Świtu
3. Piękno Natury


---Od Zmierzchu Do Świtu---

Mornië Utúlië was founded in March 2013 by one man musician Bartosz Brożek.  Mornië Utúlië is a name taken from the Elvish language created by J. R. R. Tolkien meaning "The Darkness Has Come." Hailing from Poland, Bartosz vision of creating music finally came about from his inner emotions and pain. Bartosz has released several tracks and an album previously.  While unfamiliar to those I took a chance at the latest EP of his entitled,Od Zmierzchu Do Świtu.  The first thing that caught my attention was truly the cover art but as I listened on to the tracks of this EP, I knew why this was the cover.  It goes hand in hand with the musical creation of Bartosz.

Od Zmierzchu Do Świtu bestows upon of us three dark yet beautiful atmospheric black metal tracks.  I am not sure what goes on in the crazy mind of Bartosz but his output creation from his music is pretty top notch.  The awe-ing and alluring atmosphere is pretty much the show grabber.  It will for sure suck you into its lucid void with its dreamlike aura and melodies.  Bartosz manages to pass off the atmosphere nicely without it being too cheesy and what not.  The guitar melodies present on this EP strum of melancholic vibrations. The echoes of the strings go perfectly with the already stellar atmosphere. The progressive bass lines are audible on the EP even in its more softer moments.  The drums change tempo from time to time always giving that extra pound to the music so technically never a dull moment. The dark vox also goes nicely with the music.  Not too over powering, not too grunty, and not to shrieking, just the perfect vox to everflow consistently with the dark music. I can certainly feel like an early Anathema vox like vibe but it's probably just me. Sometimes words can't do a EP justice and must be listened in order to understand the emotions going through one's mind.

Better EP than I anticipated.  Really glad the cover caught my eye or else I would of missed of this great opportunity.  All three tracks certainly took my breath with their variant melodies and atmosphere.  Each of the tracks certainly have something to offer.  I am now curious to the previous release now.  I will definitely look into it and check it out. For all you readers, I suggest you check out this band.  I found this EP on the bandcamp page of theirs.  I am sure it is still there for listening and perhaps free download.  Go check it out,  A big thank you to Bartosz Brożek for creating such awesome music. Cheers!

---Review by Freddy Garcia---

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