Sunday, April 5, 2015

Piah Mater-Memories of Inexistence Review

1. Cathiard
2. Anticipation
3. Mother Soil
4. Inexistents
5. Young Rust
6. Immaculate
7. A Greater Freedom


---Memories of Inexistence---

Hailing from Rio De Janeiro Brazil, Piah Mater, engraces us with their debut album entitled Memories of Inexistence.  This duo band is no amateur at the musical compositions they create.  It always seems to amaze me how sometimes solo musicians or two man bands go more all out than a full band.  Piah Mater is one duo band that exceeds beyond.  The band plays in a style of progressive death metal.  This is no ordinary progressive death metal band.  The duo display their musical talents in a high degree.  Their music is powerful and energetic.  Fans of the progressive style, watch for this band.  

Onto the album, the band mentions that is album is about love, family, and other weaknesses.  If you look at the song titles, you'll see it is just that.  The music of Piah Mater is pretty heavy, ala at times I am remembered of the infamous Opeth before the change in sound,  While I dislike comparing bands to other bands, Piah Mater is a great alternative, however they bring in their own prolific elements. From fast paced demonic sounds to the more softer acoustic moments.  Their songs are not too predictable as they twist and entangle their sound from time to time.  You really don't know what is going to come about next.  They do it successfully without all the wankery that most bands tend to do.  One of my favorite features on this album is the vox.  It varies from powerful death grunts to the more cleaner and epic vox.  They go perfectly with the music and with perfect execution in change as the music progresses. Wait, this is a duo band?  oh what talent.

Favorite tracks include Mother Soil, Anticipation, Immaculate, and Inexistents while no disrepect to the others.  They are just the ones that seem to stand out just a bit more, well for me.  In the future I do hope that this band can do just a bit more with their sound. Just a little.  They have the talent for that. Fans of the genre, all I ask is to give them a listen.  Did I mention the band has this debut on their bandcamp page for listening or free download.  Go listen now.  

---Review by Freddy Garcia---

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