Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Awe / Vacantfield / End - Moerae Split Review

1. Awe-Clotho
2. Vacantfield-Lachesis
3. End-Atropos



Moerae is an intense concept split by three Greek bands.  This is an ode to the the Three Fates as interpreted in Greek Mythology.  They are the sisters of Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos who spin, weave and cut out what is known as the thread of life.  The split cover depicts the sisters as they do what they do best.  A fine cover to this powerful and intense band collaboration.  Each band presents a sister in this very lengthy and powerful split.  While the bands are probably unknown to most, be prepared on this journey as all three bands create some very destructive yet alluring music for the ears.

At the first sounds begin, the band, Awe, show no mercy with its very destructive force of speed and power.  That is not all we get, this band like the others on the album, add dimension to its already black metal pulses.  Tempo changes, shredding guitars, atmosphere, bass ludes, and a some eerie experimental noises also see the light.  Multi-dimensional indeed, and not what one was probably expecting but its greatly pulled off nicely.  This is very interesting music to the ears.  Hardly a dull moment even for a 17+ minute track. No justice can be written with these words, only in sound will some understand this epic and powerful black metal sound.

In the second track, Vacantfield continues with their tribute to Lachesis.  An ever flow of black metal bliss filled with clean and black vox is what drives with omni-directional track.  Aggressive and haunting black metal riffage will grasp your blackened soul.  A  nice dosage of experimental and ambiance atmosphere is present as the track grows but then back into an intense sound of bombastic black metal rampage.  One will really enjoy the riffage and bass lines on this track, it really is intense.  The album continues to impress.  At a little over 16+ minutes, this track succeeds with its stellar sound. Wow,  Need a break. Just kidding!

The last track dedicated to Atropos by the band End is just as intense.  Killer shreds on the guitar open the track up with some singing clean vocals but quickly distant into a fast paced black metal sound with a hint of grooveness but not too much but just enough to keep you connected to the music.  The vox is excellent here as it changes from time to time on the track in the most perfect moments.  Like the other tracks, this is pure riffage, enough to make the ears bleed.  In the softer moments of the track, the dark beauty of the band flourishes with experimental and haunting ambiance to make one go insane. I will say that is track is definitely the more experimental of them all but in a good sense.  The music entertains enough to make you go through the end without a mediocre moment.  This track is surely all over the place.  Don't be surprised if your mind explodes. A nice end to this split concept album.

Wow, just wow.  Three tracks, fifty plus minutes of intense and experimental and multi-dimensional black metal is what Moerae brings to the table.  This album is insane, like really insane in a good way.  All the bands on this tribute to the Three Fates showcased their talent to the highest level with such powerful energy.  No words can describe what has been heard but it is amazing.  I'm sure these Fates would be proud of the energy these bands brought in their dedication.  More information can be found on the bandcamp page for the release.  Be prepared.  This is intense.  Highly Recommended!

---Review by Freddy Garcia---  

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