Sunday, February 8, 2015

Triste L'Hiver-Faire un geste Review

1. Spark
2. Drive
3. We Are Two Stars Colliding
4. Over
5. Swells

Rating: 8/10

---Faire un geste---

The wait is over and it seems that Triste L'Hiver has finally released a new album.  New comers be prepared to listen with an open mind.  Fans of the band, well, be prepared for yet another very different album.  However, encompassing the elements of the previous, Glory of Youth, Triste L'Hiver once again delivers with the ever so elusive dream pop, dark wave, post black fashion of music. Seriously I am not sure what goes through the mind of this solo musician but his music is pretty miraculous.  Whilst this music is not for everyone, it sure is something that really hasn't been heard too much.  The band takes so many elements from various music cultures and unites them into on stellar creation.  

Faire un geste certainly is certainly a strange piece but that is nothing new for those who know the band.  Five peculiar, dark, yet happy, poppy, dreamy, and stargazing tracks is what brings the listener to the table.  As I have stated before this type of music is not for everyone or for some, you might have to be in a certain mood to listen too.  If you listen to this various times with an open mind, you will find that all the various elements mesh up nicely keeping the mind entertained. Catchy melodies, distorted vox, and eerie atmosphere are just a few things that keeps one coming back. Comparing this to the previous album, Glory of Youth, this one does seem a bit more in place but that's not saying much as the band always seems to change the direction of music slightly, which is a good thing.  

Faire un geste is certainly worth a listen.  It might be music, that perhaps, you have not heard of and are interested in.  I really can't say much more but too check out the music for yourself and be... fascinated..or confused..or like, what the fuck did I listen to? I like it.  Free downloads of all albums are available on the bandcamp page if you crave more or just a curious listener. The earlier albums might appeal to you more if you're an avid fan of the stargazing, post black movement. Well, I'll let you decide once you have listened. Just expect the unexpected.  The future is certainly unknown and it will be interesting what other strange ideas the band comes up with next.

---Review by Freddy Garcia--

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