Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ennoven-Redemption Review

1. Spirits
2. Ethereal Winter
3. Of the Ice
4. Reborn



Sometimes it amazes me of the musicians out there in the world with talent.  Some flee with others as a band to create some good music and there are others who fly solo and they go to the up most heights to release the music and emotions dwelling inside.  Ennoven, hailing from Poland, is one of those one man bands that give it there all.  It also amazes me what one solo musician can accomplish. Sure the work is doubled and even tripled but in the end the result, a perfect record for the mass to indulge.  Ennoven is no amateur in the world with its stellar music.  Atmospheric black metal entwined with a soft touch of ambiance and post rock melodies.  At times, I am reminded of the mighty Agalloch. Progression, tempo changes, blast beats, atmosphere, dreamy pulsations from the stars, and the touch of the misty and cold nature high up in the lands.  Beautiful melodies all around even in the more softer moments of the acoustics and ambient tones. Ennoven sure know how to mix the music well producing an outcome of awesomeness.

Redemption is definitely a nice piece of dark music.  It's quite enjoyable on a gloomy and somber winter day.  The various elements brought in the music are of high caliber and it's would be interesting to hear what kind of sound the band produces next.  Surely, a band to keep an eye out for. Listen to Redemption on the bandcamp page now!

---Review by Freddy Garcia---

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