Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pale from Sunlight-Pale from Sunlight Review

1. Blood
2. Numb
3. Waves


---Pale from Sunlight---

Pale from Sunlight is a two man atmospheric depressive band from the U.S.  The band consists of Vemetrith (vox) and Krullnaag (all instruments).  The self titled EP was released on February 7, 2015 and I will say that this is one band that is surely to get noticed fast.  The EP shows lot of promise. These two know what they are doing when it comes to dark music.  The vox of Vemetrith blends nicely with the wistful musicianship of Krullnaag.  It is indeed a perfect mix of the two to create some high caliber melancholic music.

Blood is a nice piece of dark art combining some eerie atmosphere and then transforms into a fast paced stampede.  Blast beats and the mid tempo guitar strums full of sorrow and hate are what make this track good.  It is sure to grasps the listener into its void at first listen.  The track Numb is the track that steals the show in my opinion.  Krullnaag pulls off all his sorrow and hatred and pours it into his music and into our blackened hearts.  Nice build up of blast beats and aggressive guitars only to counteract into a beautiful and mournful melody as the song flows towards the end.  There a some nice few tempo changes and lots of alluring sounds within this track.  The band seems to go all out on this track and with success.  Be patient and listen to the whole track and you will hear what I mean. Just splendid.  And onto the final track of Waves.  Waves is an instrumental, a very mellow atmosphere piece filled with sad acoustic strums and ambiance.  The track builds up in a good manner signifying the end or closure to oneself and of course the EP. Pretty ear moving and sad interlude to close the EP.

No! I want more!  You will too.  After listening to this EP you will crave more but in time.  This is only the beginning of this pretty talented band and I'm sure if they continue on this path, they are sure to get noticed fast. The self titled EP does not disappoint and is a great start for the band.  Looking towards the future.  Free download via Bandcamp.  Go now!

---Review by Freddy Garcia---

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