Sunday, January 4, 2015

Lidelse-Lidelse EP Review

1. Regret
2. Atrocious
3. Illusions



When I heard W. of Verdun was working on a side project I was quickly reluctant to know where he was going with this music.  Lidelse are Grårum98759 who handles the vocal duties, Vatra who is responsible for the tales of woe, and of course W. who handles all the instruments.  Of Sweden, Austria, and the United States,  Lidelse is born from the depths of pain, sorrow, and regret.  The self titled EP was released in the ending months of 2014.

Going on to the music.  I will say from the beginning that W. has stepped it up on his musicianship for this upcoming EP.  W. has always been a favorite musician of mine but something about his writing on this particular EP.  It's just really good.  Maybe it's because I haven't heard anything from him in a while but whatever he is doing, he needs to keep it up.  The guitar melodies just vibrate melodies of sorrow and pain to the deepest wound.   Grårum98759 brings forth the emotions and the deadly words of Vatra in a mournful yet beautiful way mixing well with the music being produced.  I really enjoy his vox style as it gives the music dimension and feeling from the heart. This is just music that needs to be heard.  Almost everything is perfect in a depraved and solitude way.  I hear a lot of people ramble on about how awesome the track Atrocious is and I can see why. Grårum98759  does some phenomenal work there.  A very powerful and emotional song is Atrocious but I can't exclude Regret with its ever flowing melancholic vibe.  Those guitars yearn for pain.  And of course Illusion with its eerie, almost post and experimental like sounds, however, staying within the roots of metal.  Very nice atmosphere here. All the tracks are created in their own unique way though which is good for the listener.

In conclusion I will say that the trio of W., Grårum98759, and Vatra have done a very nice job in the form of Lidelse.  The melancholic strums of W., the outspoken power and emotional vox from Grårum98759 as he conveys the words of Vatra, this is just all one energy of pain and suffering but in a good way.  The band manages to pull off the sound miraculously.  What an EP!  Lidlese are sure to gain new fans from this.  Where does Lidelse go from here?  Perhaps another EP?  A debut album?  Whatever the case may be,  I hope they continue to make new music and take us to new heights.  I have a strong feeling this band will not fail at making us feel weak and powerless succumbing to the pain and anxiety we all feel inside that sometimes just needs to be unleashed. Great job Lidelse!

---Review by Freddy Garcia---

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