Friday, December 26, 2014

Vagrond-Regret Review

1.  Visions of Regret
2.  Left Unspoken
3.  Inertia
4.  Longing
5.  Horizon



Are you fan of melancholic black metal with progression and a touch of post rock elements?  This album is likely to be a favorite in the genre.  Of course the post black genre has been over saturated with bands throughout the years.  Some with success and some a poof of stardust never to be heard of again.  The duo collaboration of musicians Mortcer and Atheos is the result of this band Vagrond. Regret is the latest release of this Australian duo and it contends with those bands high in skyward mountains.  The stars of the coal black sky themselves look down in awe as they intake the flow of dark everlasting matter within the hymns of Vagrond.  Be prepared to take your mind on a longing yet astonishing journey filled with woeful bliss.

Into the musicianship, one will notice from the start of Visions of Regret the progression of the guitars complex out into an omnidirectional melancholic frenzy.  This is not your typical post blackgaze or whatever you want to call it band.  This music is very moving and unpredictable.   It hits you from all directions especially with the awe-esque clean vox of Atheos.  Mind chilling yet beautiful vox all accompanied by the progressive and sorrowful strums of Mortcer.  A perfect combination of dynamics of the two to create some of the most bewitching yet depressing piece of music.  All tracks have their fair share of star striking weeping music in a angelic yet haunting atmosphere. Some tracks are more mind chilling than others but it depends what the listener is looking forward too.  Whether, it be the complex and technical side of the music. the riveting guitars, the atmosphere, the vox.  Whatever the case is, there is something for everyone on this album. Beautiful and melancholic yet still hard pounding and harsh in its own way.  My personal favorite track is Inertia for instance.  Just fucking stellar music being created here.  I about almost go into an empty state whilst listening.  It hits me hard but that's just me.  It could be different for others.

Wow, just wow, is how I can end this review.  I really don't have much else to say but for everyone to go and check this album out and listen.  One simply cannot describe the beauty of this nature. The music speaks for itself.  Fans of gloomy, post blackgaze metal, go listen now and be amazed!  Free download on bandcamp page too.  Go!

---Review by Freddy Garcia---

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