Thursday, December 18, 2014

White Ward-Riptide EP Review

1. Drowned in Cold
2. Nautical Child
3. Depths of Arcane

Rating: 9/10

---Riptide EP---

It was in 2012 that I discovered White Ward and the Illusion EP.  It was that year that the post-black metal genre was saturated with an abundance of mediocre bands as I remember.  White Ward in my eyes created the perfect EP without overdoing what most were trying to accomplish.  A perfect harmonization of black metal with a touch of experimental elements and what not.  Two years later, White Ward is still going strong in my opinion with its elusive and eerie sound.  The Riptide EP surely is another great EP with interesting elements.  In fact you will envision the tides taking you away to a far away place full of darkness and melancholy.

Three wonderful tracks, all equally good, in my opinion.  What I really enjoy about the EP is what the minds brings to heart whilst listening.  Take the first track, Drowned in Cold.  With a nice build up you can feel the waters engulfing you as your being lead away from the land to nowhere.  The experimental elements engulf the mind leading into a place of loneliness with no hope.  The music beautifully create that image with its impressive musicianship.  A great opener, it is.  Nautical Child is a lesser experimental track, however, the guitar strums vibrate echoes of dark melancholy and the addition of light keys are an added bonus.  Really enjoyed the harsh vox and lyrics.  It was a perfect combination with the mix.  A short mid tempo track full of nice harmony and beauty is Nautical Child. And finally, Depths of Arcane, which I would say is a combination of the previous tracks. A powerful and fast pace destroyer but also with the small and calm elements of waters.  Back and forth this track impresses with somber guitar strums, harsh vox, and tempo changes.  A nice ending to the EP.

In finale,  White Ward continues to do what they do and at its highest tide.  I, however, was left a bit sad as the EP ended.  Just going over a little sixteen minutes isn't enough as one will crave more. One can hope for a full length sometime in the future.  Regardless, Riptide was highly enjoyable to the ears and mind as they were envisioning what the music was bringing out. Listen for yourself and see where the music takes you.  It's sure to be a stormy one in the mind. Free downloads on the bandcamp page at the moment for those interested.  Do not miss out on this band. Fans of experimental black metal will surely enjoy.  

---Review by Freddy Garcia--

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