Monday, September 29, 2014

Swampborn-Alleged Escape Review

1. Augoeides
2. Muscarum

Rating: 9/10

---Alleged Escape---

Despite the name, this band caught me by surprise.  Hailing from Russia, Swamborn play in the style of post black metal and I am not talking about any bland black metal sound.  The band take their top notch musicianship and create something intense, pulsating, melancholic with a hint of experimentation.  Your ears are sure to be blown away.  Both tracks engulf your very soul and take you on a manifold of emotions. Really, they do.  

The tracks are perfectly developed as they variate a little different from each other but still keep that intense sound.  The opening track is the more intense while the second track takes on a more of awe emotions however maintaining that beast like sound of the first.  There are a lot of nice melodics and unexpected surprises.  You just have to listen for yourself.  I am sure you will be craving a bit more.

Really interested as what the band produces next.  Hopefully they can provide a few more tracks to satisfy our hunger for the genre.  Swampborn is really on top of their game with this debut.  There is a free download on the bandcamp page.  Go now quickly.  Surely, you won't be disappointed

---Review by Freddy Garcia---

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