Saturday, September 20, 2014

Aesta-From Darkness to Light Review

1. Intro
2. Und so erlischt
3. From Darkness to Light
4. Verinnerlicht
5. I Am
6. This World of Fire
7. Face Your Fears
8. Als Leben
9. Outro
10. Bonus Acoustic Track

Rating: 9/10

---From Darkness to Light---

It took a name change and a few line up changes for this band to grow from beneath the soil and to bloom into a melancholic piece of artistic music.  Hailing from Austria this band are ready to present their debut album entitled, From Darkness to Light.  You know it's been a while since I've heard anything good from Austria and I am glad that this talented band was presented to me.  As a four piece band Aesta prove they have the talent to make a great album.  From Darkness to Light is a great start for the band.

Ten tracks of hard pound hitting bleakness and destruction is what Aesta bring forth to the table, Blast beats, destruction, melancholy, aggression all but the spines of a black rose sprung from a withering grave.  The rough vocals howl viciously good with the music style being produced.  The guitars as melancholic yet aggressive vibrate with tones of catchiness and dismal composure.  Bass in the background strums lightly yet giving the music that extra depth of dimension. The drumming on this album is superb.  From its beast mode pulsations to its more somber and softer hits all done at exactly the precise time for a change.  Lots of nice tempo changes included throughout the album.

Aesta is sure to appeal to those of the melancholic and post black metal genre.  There really is no sign of weakness on this excellent debut.  You won't find any clean vocals or added female vocals as most in the genre tend to sway.  Instead you get a hard pounding yet stargazing and wistful piece of depravity to satisfy that dark hunger one covets.  Interesting debut from Aesta.  One can wonder what path the band travels next.  Hopefully a good one.  Regardless, I'm all ears.

---Review by Freddy Garcia---

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