Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cityscape Drawn in Black Ink-Moraj Review

1. Lét?
2. Személyes bolygók
3. Post-mortem
4. Hajnal
5. Nekropolisz (feat. Keresztesy Robert)
6. Nevenincs
7. Felhőtlen
8. Sírrablás és fekete mágia
9. És végül, semmi

Rating: 9/10

---Experimental Thrust---

Cityscape Drawn in Black Ink is back yet again.  It seems like the band has made another turn with this release entitled Moraj.  The experimental post black metal sound of the band is back after the last EP, Two Tales, which was a 2 track instrumental sound of atmospheric black metal.  Moraj is indeed a come back to the likes of the Line 0 EP, however, it seems like Moraj is a bit more mature and toned as far as sound.  While not as crazy as the Line 0 EP,  Moraj sounds more punk inspired mixed with experimental sounds, post black elements, and hints of catchy melodies. Almost reminds me of Flanerie which is side project of the guy in this band but a bit more polished. Cityscape, however, certainly pulls off this sound amazingly.  The vocals are harsh, the guitars are melodic, aggressive, melancholic, and catchy in a punk/black metal fashion. I am really glad that the band is back as an experimental steed going full force.  Tracks like Személyes bolygók, Nekropolisz, and És végül, semmi definitely steal the show with their aggressive and catchy melodies.  Fuck, all the tracks are awesome.  Really they are.  I really have no other words on how to say how amazing Cityscape is these days.  I definitely recommend this album to anyone into the post black sound. Fans of the earlier times will surely enjoy this and for sure the band is bound to gain new fans after listening to Moraj.  Be prepared to go on a bizarre and eerie journey with the sounds of Cityscape. You can download Moraj for free on the bandcamp page.  GO NOW!  You shall not be disappointed. And if you are... then clearly something is wrong with you.  ENJOY!

---Review by Freddy Garcia---

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