Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Circsena-Circsena Review

1. Wandering above the trees and moors
2. The Sleeper
3. I am here
4. The age of the dryads Pt. 1

Rating: 9/10

---Nature's Melancholic Bliss ---

If you admire non-typical black metal with a dosage of progression, romanticism, catchy melodies, in a sadistic melancholic nature then chances are that you will adhere to this two man band hailing from Germany. Circsena consists of Daniel Kirchhoff (vocals, guitar, bass) and Jens Wallis(drums, percussion). Together this duo have the musicianship to create one of nature's most beautiful yet bleak hymns. Also joining them on this album is guest vocalist Janina Jones for the track I am here.  She is wonderful addition to the track as she does a stellar job lending for angelic vocals to the already dark metal eerie sound.  

The self title release consists of four tracks entwined by deadly prickles from the stem of a blackened rose.  Mind you there are some small folk influences and you can't forget those catchy guitar melodies that just melt in your mind with a wistful lust for desperation.  Even my friends have to agree as they are humming the tunes that are composed from Kirchhoff.  He certainly mixes in the melancholy and catchy melodies just right to capture you in a web as the music flows through the winds.  All the tracks are great in their own nature of sound.  A touch of folk melodies, progressive strums, a mid tempo pace, and melancholy and you are all set.  With no disrespect to the other tracks, I am here, is probably my most favorite track.  Why? It sinks you in.  That's why.  It's the most memorable to me.  I really adore the melodies brought out by Kirchhoff here as they have that sadistic grasp to suck you in and not let you go. You also can't forget the addition of Janina Jones. Wow, just wow.  I knew there was something missing on this release and it was great to hear the angelic sounds of this talented female vocalist.  I'd like to hear more in the future releases.  I do admire the deathy grunts vox of Kirchhoff but the addition of a female vocalist from time to time and not excessively overdone can do this band justice and more just like on this track.  Let's hope they keep producing this kind of sound.  All other tracks have a unique sound about them never rehashing something from nothing.  Each song will surely capture you some way or another whether it be the melodies, the folky-ness,  the romanticism,  the sadness, or just pure dark metal bliss.

Overall, a great debut by the duo of Circsena.  This is a sound that the band has made interesting to the ears.  I really do hope they continue on this path.  It really is like no other that captures the imagination with such creative ideas.  This is surely a band to be on the lookout for.  Those interested can listen to the release on the bandcamp page.  You can also check out their website for other information.  

---Review by Freddy Garcia---

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