Thursday, May 9, 2013

E. A. N. Pt. 17-About the Early Night Review

1. Fur Elise
2. Trough Cold Fields at Sunset
3. Winds
4. At the Night's Shamble
5. The Late Way
6. A Weather

Rating: 4/5

Download Link Per Gespenst

--- Consume the Darkness---

While much is not known to me about this project, E.A.N. Pt. 17 sure knows how to create a perfect world of darkness filled with haunting auras with perverse samples and melodies.  Yes, About the Early Night is an noise/ambient/experimental project that just happened to come my way.  As of late I have noticed a large increase in the ambient/noise genre.  There are many bands out there who create some good experimental ambient tunes, however, I believe the majority out there are pretty much candy.  Yeah, it is there but nothing really catches the ears, just long tracks of bleh drones, noise, samples, etc.  While I was skeptical that this would be in the same aspect I still decided to listen to it.  I locked myself in a cold room, turned off all the lights, and started on this eerie journey.

To my surprise I actually enjoyed this album.  It was really dark and twisted.  Of course we all know the tune Fur Elise and E.A.N. Pt. 17 does a nice job of disfiguring that tune in a good and haunting way.  It sounds like a haunted music box humming that tune in a scary fashion.  A really dark and twisted turn for it.  Trough Cold Fields of Sunsets is like a ghost sound track with experimental taste in dark noise, whispers, piano, and more.  Really eerie to the mind.  Winds, which is probably my favorite track, won me over.  This is a perfect blend of how music like this is to be created.  Calm with piano melody yet muddy, dark, and noisy in a perverse way.  It such a beautiful track with a dark and chilling atmosphere.  Perfect mix of ingredients is Winds.  

At the Night's Shamble takes you into a solemn void of emptiness yet realizing that the dark is lurking and it's about to grasp your soul and you would be left with nothing. Now everything is distorted as your journey comes to an end.  You look around, hear birds chirping in the background, the wind is silent, but then grows strong.  You are looking around and your mind is in disarray on what has happened. You are calm but yet clueless as you have walked through a darkness embraced path. Perhaps there is hope as The Late Way perceive in its tune.  Engulfed by solitude yet ending with perhaps a glimmer of sunlight  And thus ends our grim tale with A Weather.. Quietness with what seems you staring into a log burning fire as the wind whistles to and fro as we fade to black.

In the end, About the Early Night has certainly done its due with its experimental sounds.  Be prepared to embark on a journey full of desolation and darkness only to end what seems is small glimpse of hope.  This surely is a soundtrack to darkness itself and fans of the ambient/noise breed will surely rank this as a nice piece of dark art.  Good luck finding this by the way, it seems like a hard release to find.  Hopefully it is not lost in the chronicles of darkness never to see the light of day because in the end I will say E.A.N Pt. 17  has the potential to become something more given just a bit more effort. **Update: Link has been provided by Gespenst, the creator of E.A.N. Pt. 17.

---Review by Freddy Garcia---


  1. As of yet, nope. I've messaged the artist and once I get some kind of response I'll let everyone know. Like I said this is hard to find and it mysteriously and randomly came my way. I had to review it though. I'll keep you updated though.

  2. Download link has been provided per Gespenst, the creator of E.A.N. Pt. 17. Happy Listening!

  3. Here are the last two demos of this period:

    Listen to it, share it, you can also ignore it.