Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Failure-Perfect Isolation EP Review

1. Perfect Isolation
2. A Portrait of You
3. Far Away
4. Zoé
5. The Void Stares
6. Love is not a Substance

The Perfect Isolation EP from Honduras own, Failure, is for sure another direction for the bands sound.  Previously the band played depressive black metal ie the bands debut, Through Memories, but now it seems that composer D.(not to be confused with D of Woods of Desolation) has been doing some experimenting with the sound thus unleashing a more melodramatic post/rock record this time around.  Taken from the words of D., "Failure is inspired by sadness, love, nostalgia, and beauty."

Compared to Full Memories this is a more mature record, however, I felt Full Memories was a bit more memorable.  I know I shouldn't be comparing the sound because they both oppose each other to a degree but just for fans of the Full Memories, don't expect that harsh sound on the EP.  In fact the tracks on this EP flow so nicely that it just sounds like one song at times.  That can be a good thing but also a bad thing depending on the listener.  There are a lot of post elements with your occasional guitar out bursts of melodramatic riffs and mid tempo to fast drumming provided by Fabian but all in all a constant flow of beautiful melancholy ie tracks Far Away and  Zoé. I am glad that there are blackened vox through out the EP which just livens it up a bit.  This record can get a bit dull till about the second half.  Perhaps, it's just me, I am not sure, but from the second half on through, it just seems more lively.  Love is not a Substance is another track that caught my attention.  Various tempo changes by Fabian, vox, and some nice melodies.  The Perfect Isolation EP ends with a nice track.  

So how to conclude. Hmm.  Well the band does prove that they have the talent to make good music but most of the music displayed here on the EP is really nothing new to the ears.  There are counts of numerous post/black metal bands out there and I am scared to say that if the band doesn't improve on the sound a bit, it will be forgotten like many others.  However, there is still hope.  Tracks like  Zoé, Far Away, and Love is not a Substance are the shiners of this EP.  More tracks like these and the band might get somewhere.  I understand this is a change of sound and direction but in order to continue it, Failure, must do something more to captivate the listeners, otherwise they will be considered. whats the word...a failure.  Props to the guys for trying.  Not a bad start but I really do hope these guys can polish and improve their sound a bit more next time around


Review by Frerik Garcia

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