Sunday, February 3, 2013

Koboloris-Koboloris EP Review

1. Malign Inspiration
2. Obscure Schemes of Dominance
3. Woods of Kobolorum
4. Astral Gate to the Infernal

One day I was surfing the web when I came upon this band.  The first thing that grabbed my attention by this UK black metal act was the fact that their sound was described as being influenced by the second wave of black metal, ie Satyricon, Emperor, etc. There are not too many black metal bands out there these days that can pull off a bit of old school sound with success. Koboloris, in my opinion, seem to have the ingredients to do it. After listening to this debut EP, I hungered for more.   

The debut EP includes 4 hellish tracks of bombastic black metal. Starting from the synths of Malign Inspiration to its hard pounding drums and dark aggressive melody, this force is a force to not be reckoned with. The vocals are not too bad either but it does take time to get into them, well for me it did anyway.  In the long run the music makes up for it. The next track is where you will be engulfed with some killer synths and guitar melodies.  Continuing with omni-direction chaotic riffs, Obscure Schemes of Dominance brings back the days of the old school vibe with a hint of death metal.  This track has its fair share of atmosphere with killer melodies attached to it.  Indeed a very solid track and a step forward for the band.  

Next up is Woods of Kobolorum.  For some reason I am reminded of Enthroned here.  I am not sure if its the vocals or what but the band continues to pull off its sound in a very good black metal way.  Hints of Satyricon-esque riffs are noticed on the track as well. The touch of keys accompanying the riffs fit the track smoothly, not over powering the guitars or being annoying. And finally, the elusive, Astral Gate to the Infernal.  Can we say Limbonic Art influenced?  Yes we can.  Killer riffs, eerie symphonic keys, hard pounding drums, and some nice tempo changes all around. Another successful track!

Overall, the duo team of Koboloris have pulled it off.  When they say they were influenced by the second wave of black metal they meant it and this debut surely proves it.  Go to the bandcamp page now and download this EP. It is available as a FREE download.  You can thank me later.  Recommended for fans that enjoyed black metal from the 90's.  

Rating: 4/5

Review by Frerik Garcia

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