Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Miseria Visage-Vanish Into Dark EP Review

1. Phantoms of the Unhallowed Crypt
2. Vanish Into Dark
3. Luciferian
4. Offering
5. The King's Incantation
6. Paths

Rooted from the seeds of black metal and sprouting into a blossom of aesthetic atmosphere, fetching symphonics, along with alluring neo classical touches in its veins, the United Kingdom's one man band, Miseria Visage, makes its debut in Vanish Into Dark.  Led by Theta, he surely unleashes one twisted and bizarre piece of eccentric dark art upon the world for us to behold.  While only formed in October 2012, Miseria Visage presents us with a remarkable debut in my opinion.

From the beginning of Phantoms of the Unhallowed Crypt to the final track Paths, be prepared to be taken into a strange void of peculiar and powerful compositions.  The first track which is actually a bonus track exercises a nice variety of tempo changes and some nice piano parts.  Almost reminds me of Arcturus at times but with its own unique blackened sound. The title track, Vanish into Dark, sparks the sound with a bit of progression, some classical-esque riffs, and some good atmosphere with synths and such. A sure favorite for the listener. Luciferian continues with a bit of an eerie and experimental sound but quickly embraces the elements Theta has brought forth.  A nice blend of experimental black metal dosage is what makes Luciferian stand out.

Offering is the pinnacle of the EP in my opinion.  When you listen to this masterpiece, you will understand. A nice flow of many elements can be encountered here. Riffs galore, synths, and angelic neo classical parts that will engulf your very soul. Theta sure has a creative mind for something like this. The following track, King's Incantation, surely bring reminiscence of the the early traditional symphonic black metal era however incorporating its own elements but not as experimental the other tracks.  The same could be said for the final track Paths which is also another bonus track. Again, really enjoy the traditional black metal sound with some nice atmosphere and killer guitar melodies.  

In summation, I feel Vanish Into Dark has done its job in delivering its unique sound. Theta has composed a nice form of black metal twisting it with haunting symphonics, experimental sounds, and beautiful neo classical parts as I have stated before.  What more is there to say?  This is a must listen EP. There are two versions of this EP. Check out the bandcamp page for more info. I recommend getting the six track version. I am sure most will enjoy its beauty. I am looking forward to where Theta will be taking the sound in direction from here, more experimental or more traditional black metal? Regardless,  I am sure he will take the right path and thus capture our black hearts with his creativity yet again. 


Review by Frerik Garcia

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