Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yellow Eyes/Monument Split Review

Yellow Eyes
1.  The Solid Chime of Matching Bone With Harder Strength
2. Unlit Kingdom

1. Milchama (Wound)/Coughing the Blood of Hope and Love
2. Gaping Orifices In the Floor of Heaven/Milchama (Relieve)

When it comes to USBM, Yellow Eyes and Monument are surely two of the top bands in the underground in my opinion.  For those who have no knowledge of these 2 transcendental black metal bands, I suggest you lurk your way and find out who they are.  Yellow Eyes is a New York based band while Monument is based out of Chicago, Illinois. Finally two top bands, 1 stellar split.

Yellow Eyes have been a fan of mine ever since the debut of  Silence Threads The Evening's Cloth.  Yellow Eyes brings hateful and deranged raw black metal and transforms it into a melody of superb darkness in a melancholic way. Thus the band continues its tradition on this stellar split. Those who craved for more Yellow Eyes after the debut will be glued once again with their dark creativity.  This band has yet to give a dull moment and these 2 tracks especially Unlit Kingdom will have you lusting for more endless compositions.  Such complex chaos, yet cunningly surrounding you into a world of depraved bliss with melancholic guitars and atmosphere. Perfect melancholic metal in its highest peaks is what the band brings forth.

Monument, to be honest, I am not really too familiar of.  Also don't get all the bands with name Monument confused.  Chicago's black metal Monument is out there, you just have to go deeper and dig for it.  If you go to the Sol y Nieve bandcamp you can find their stuff there as well as with Yellow Eyes.  Monument is definitely the more experimental of the two bands on the split.  Monument incorporates some ambiance as well as some experimental sounds and a few choral parts.  However, we cannot take away from the bands creditability.  They still manage to produce some top notch transcendental black metal chaos.  Raw, hateful, evil are just some of the few elements the band incorporates while producing a wondrous outcome of dark beauty that fans will endure.

Putting these 2 bands together on this split was a great idea.  They both have many different elements to bring forth for the listener as well as the high quality musicianship they produce.  This is for sure one of the best splits of the year.  In fact, I believe it is already sold out as well.  That should tell you something right away.  Black metal fans who have not heard either of these two remarkable bands, I suggest you do your digging find out more you can about them as they surely will not disappoint.  You can't go wrong with either of these 2 bands.  This is for sure a Recommended listen!

Bandcamp:Yellow Eyes

Review by Vyldr

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