Tuesday, November 13, 2012

White Ward-Illusions EP Review

1. Walls
2. Guilty If I
3. World of Closed Graves

If there was ever a somber soundtrack to your life chances are that White Ward's Illusions EP can be a contender this year.  Hailing from the Ukraine, this band under notes the sounds of depressive black metal, post black, and even some minimal shoegazing moments.  What I really like about Illusions and the band is that the sound is not just one big mesh of experimental, post black, wankery.  While staying mostly to the depressive roots, which is a plus, the band does the job nicely adding bits of pieces of experimental elements but not too much that it's just out of control and overdone like a lot of bands out there. 

The musicianship overall is pretty top notch if I do say so myself.  There are a lot of bleak and wondrous amount of dark and somber melodies. Blast beats, mid tempos, hard pound drumming in a very depressive melancholic way shine on nicely with accompany of the guitars and audible bass lines.  The vocals are very well done as well.  Nice eloquent sound of black metal vox/grunt. oh you were expecting the crying out for help shrieking sounds?  Nope you won't find them here. Sorry.  Not that there is a problem with that.  Again all elements flow nicely with an array of mournful melodies.  Even touches of piano and acoustics are added to the mix creating a more mellower moment but only for a while as black metal takes it toll.  

A job well done to the band.  I would definitely like to hear more.  White Ward is one band that captivates the listener, again, without overdoing post/black, shoegazing sounds.  This EP is like a depressive opus that is encompassed by those various elements, not those various elements encompassed by depressive black metal, well at least in my opinion. Anyway,  Listen to this!  Fans of the genre will surely find this enjoyable.

Bandcamp:White Ward
Facebook:White Ward

Review by Vyldr

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