Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dark Cathedral-Abandoned Review

1.Forlatt I
2.Thou Are Everything (Black Metal)
4.Enslaved In Chains Of Sorrow (Remixed Atmospheric Version)
5.A Cross In My Heart (Black Metal)
7.Voices Of Hipocrisy
8.Sorgens Kammer (Agony cover [Black Metal version])
9.Forlatt II
10.Lost Wisdom (Burzum Cover)

Abandoned is the first album of Dark Cathedral.  Hailing from Puerto Rico and led by Kevin Rivera, this band surely experiments with all kinds of dark sounds.  From the early days of the demos till now, Kevin has expressed his music in an omni directional way.  From Romantic themes, black metal, experimental/noise, ambiance, and more this project has surely become diverse with every release.  My favorite of the bunch is surely this release, Abandoned, released on February 2012.  Of course there were other albums and Ep's that followed, however, those morphed into a more instrumental, experimental sound, and the latest Ep, Silhouette, was more of a influence/dedication to Neige of Alcest.

Abandoned is where it all began officially after the demos were put out.  This release has an abundant amount of everything the band has done in the past and more.  Blast beats, raw black metal, melody, piano, romantic themes, experimental noise, ambiance, it's all here.  All tracks total into about a little over an hour of bombastic black metal and experimental sounds, which would later be incorporated to future albums.  In this album, Kevin, surely does his best to captivate the black soul of the listener and with success.  Included is even a cover of Burzum's Lost Wisdom which can get a bit cheesy sometimes but not too bad at all.  

Those within the black metal and even the ambient realm should definitely check out this album.  Chances are you will love it.  It's got an acquired taste for those who like bands who experiment with their sound and not just stay to a traditional concept.  If you like Abandoned, you might want to check out the later instrumental albums and EP's.  All that can be found on the bands bandcamp page and hell, most are available for free download so go over there and get them while you have the chance.  It's sure to impress most of you.  

Bandcamp:Dark Cathedral
Facebook:Dark Cathedral

Review By Vyldr