Saturday, October 6, 2012

Müldeponie-Mülldeponie, or the Other Side of Darkness​.​.​. EP Review

1. The Dark Side (Part 1)
2. The Dark Side (Part 2)
3. The Other Side (Part 1)
4. The Other Side (Part 2)

The French duo of B and P are back with another EP.  Whilst I was a big fan of the experimental noise and dark sounds of the previous When Dreams are Fire and the World is Dreams, I was hoping that the duo would yet again settle my crave for the lust of dark ambiance.  So have they?  Well yes, it seems that they have done it again, however, this release doesn't keep me as connected to the darkness as their previous efforts.  I am not sure if it is just me or for the fact the sound is more towards a dream-like, melancholic state of mind.  Make no mistake though as it seems that the band has definitely matured in sounds, tones, and recording.

The music overall is pretty constant as any ambient/noise project should be. There are a few climatic parts throughout the tracks that just grasp you into a somber void.  The Dark Side (Part 2) brings forth reminisces of their previous effort of experimental dark sounds and samples of which I am sure fans of the older material will adore.  Of both sides, The Other Side tracks are probably my favorite tracks as they display more sadistic melancholy in an eerie yet beautiful dream-like state of mind. They also, in my opinion, have seem to be done with more emotional value but then again we are on the other side, where, if chosen, a heaven-like place or endless pit of hell, depending on the person, things are beautiful.  

Overall I would say that B and P have a done it again but to a different degree in sound. That is not a problem though because despite they still manage to encircle the listener with bleak ambient bliss! You may have to listen to it a couple of times in order to fully grasp its natural dark beauty.  One thing that I liked and found rather lacking on this EP was the "ghost sound" they established on a previous release but hey, you can't keep doing the same thing over and over.  Still, this release does the band justice and I am looking forward to what they release next.


Review by Vyldr