Monday, October 1, 2012

Astronoid-November EP Review

1. November
2. Astronoid

It so happened that I ran into this EP not too long ago by mistake but the fact of the matter is I am glad I found it.  Hailing from Massachusetts, this post black metal band led by mastermind Brett Boland recently released an EP that fans of the genre must listen to.  Yeah, there are a lot of bands out there in the post black genre who start out awesome but then become a let down or lose their spark. With Astronoid, there is just something about the music that sparks my attention. While it really isn't anything that I have not listened to before, Boland sure proves that he can take this kind of music and take it to a higher level.  You can definitely feel the many emotions which is brought out by his creative music. Even though the EP only consists of two tracks, it sounds like something that can be promising in the future or with a full length. The clean vocals go with the music beautifully, sometimes sending a small quiver down the spine.  The first track November is a perfect example of that.  Encompassing somber riffs, along with shoe gazing elements and the nice clean vocals blooms this track nicely. Astronoid is a more aggressive track as far as speed and guitar riffs. The alluring clean vocals are still there but this time things get a bit darker with some blackened vox. Also what I like about this track is the unpredictability of emotions and musicianship brought forth.  Hell, there also seems to be a female vox  accompanying the already angelic clean vocals.  So much emotion is displayed all around.  If I had to choose a favorite track, I don't think I could choose one. They both are good in their own way.  The whole EP has a nice array state of emotions.  Listen to it for yourselves and you will know.  Check out the bandcamp or facebook for samples.  You will not be disappointed.  As I have stated before, this is probably something you have heard before.. but at a higher level and it can be very promising in the future.


Review by Vyldr