Sunday, September 16, 2012

Triste L'Hiver-New Illusions Review

1. Light
2. End to End
3. Callico
4. Red Glow

The truth is I really don't know much about this band.  All I know is that the band hails from Southwest Michigan.  New Illusions is the second installment of the Triste L'Hiver releases.  Once Again was released but a month ago and word is new material is already on the way for another release.  Wow, talk about letting the creativity take control.  This is a good thing. 

Anyway, Triste L'Hiver, as I have looked around, have seem to be getting quite popular with the dreamy/poppy post black metal sound.  Ya, a lot of bands have been experimenting with the post black sound but this band takes it to a higher atmosphere of emotions filled with dreamy, stargazing, and sometimes catchy melodies.  Talk about sitting on the roof of your house at night time and stargazing while listening to this.  Words cannot describe the mind chilling emotions that will be rummaging through your mind. Vocals are limited but when brought about, the somber vocals go perfectly with the music.  At times I am reminded of My Bloody Valentine as well as newer Cold Body Radiation.  If you are of fan of either of these bands. I urge you to check this band out.  You will not be disappointed. While the atmosphere is top notch, you can't leave out the mellow and melodic guitar melodies.  Beautiful, just beautiful and calming. The musicianship works well together into the mix and thus creating a plethora of emotions.  The music flows very nice. From start to finish be prepared to be taken into the night sky, beyond the stars with soothing guitar melodies, radiant atmosphere, and more.

Fans of the post black genre, you might want to check this stuff out.  Chances are you will enjoy it. 

For more information and FREE album downloads, check out the bandcamp page.  

Bandcamp:Triste L'Hiver
Facebook:Triste L'Hiver

Review by Vyldr