Sunday, August 5, 2012

Garden of Grief/Neige Et Noirceur 7'' Split Review

1. HiberNation
2. Mauvais Esprits

Garden of Grief, a band hailing from Austria who I am familiar with.  Neige Et Noirceur, a band hailing from Canada who honestly I am not too familiar with, however, these two underground black metal bands, in time, will be making an uproar within the underground community if not already.  Garden of Grief consists of Boronian Sturmfels who is one talented son of a gun.  Everything he puts out you can tell he puts in all his power and effort within to create such astonishing music from that black heart of his.  Neige Et Noirceur consists of Spiritus.  While I am not too familiar with the band, I did check out a couple of songs via the internet and I must say this band is another good discovery if you have not heard.  Spiritus music is inspired by cold winter landscapes, occultist, and religion madness. 

Side A consist of the Garden of Grief track. From the start of the track, it is cold ablazing riffs galore. I don't know what it is about Sturmfels writings but he always manages to keep the listener fixated to the music.  At times his riffs become poetic/romantic-esque creating even a deeper meaning to the music. Vocals are excellent and the drumming is bombastic as well.  HiberNation is a constant flow of everlasting dark beauty encircled by anguish, sorrow, and cold emotion.  "The only way to go.  Retreat to hibernation. The only way to go.  Leads into Isolation."  And yes, it shall!

Side B brings forth the Neige Et Noirceur track.  If there is one word to describe this track, it is rampageous! Killerfrosting riffs, audible bass lines, blast beats, clean vox, black vox!  Rampageous! Despite its continuous flow of madness, there are a few nice tempo changes like in the beginning and of which you will find throughout.  I really enjoy the blacken vocals of Spiritus on this track.  They are powerful and fit the music almost perfectly! I am not too fond of the clean vocals but they tend to add a bit more of atmosphere and dark beauty to the music, but I guess that is a good thing.  Overall, a stellar track, this track will surely make you a fan of the band if not already and especially if you are a fan of the raw sound.  Spiritus is sure on the right path with his music.

Overall, this 7'' Split is definitely worth it for the music alone. Two stellar bands, two cold, blasphemous tracks.  A must listen for fans of these bands or for the overall black metal fanatic. 

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Review by Vyldr