Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Müldeponie-When Dreams Are Fire, and the World is Dreams Review

1. Dawn of the End
2. If the Fire Goes Out, Water Goes Too
3  The Lost Soul and the Bewildered Goat

The sky turns black as the sun sets. The wind is calm yet chill. The water fades in and out as waves echo amongst mounds of rocks with charge. You are there standing on land surrounded by emptiness and other bleak and abstruse emotions.  You lay down on the moist ground hoping for a ray of light.  Darkness falls. You see nothing.  Your eyes are sewn shut. All you can do is listen, listen to the sounds of the voices in your demented head as you engulf the darkness that is about to take your soul.  The voices get louder, almost ghost like... BOOM! You wake up. You look around. Everything is fine. You are relieved and you realize that arid world was only a dream.  That's the vibe you will get after listening to When Dreams Are Fire, and the World is Dreams.

Hailing from France and somewhat new to this style comes Müldeponie.  Influenced by such genres as dark/black ambient, DSBM, blackgaze, and cold space, this duo have certainly made an impression creating various dark ambient yet cold compositions to make you feel desolate.  Try turning the light switch off at night, lay down, hookup your headphones, and listen! When Dreams Are Fire, and the World is Dreams is sure to give you a minor chill down your spine especially with the last track, which clocks in a little over 13 minutes.  This track is what the band likes to call "ghost sound" which is ambiance intertwined with a mix of horror samples. Dawn of the End and If the Fire Goes Out, Water Goes Too are more of drone, noise, cold space, black ambient tracks but their scenic, deranged sounds do them justice. Fire Goes Out, Water Goes Too is where the ambiance and noise build up immensely. Nevertheless, all three tracks are created in a professional matter and shine on nicely with crisp production for its demented sound.

When Dreams Are Fire, and the World is Dreams is certainly not a bad start for Müldeponie.  In fact, it makes me crave more.  So lets hope the band continues to impress the masses with their dark sounds of solitude.  Fans of the genre might not consider anything new going on here but it is sure worth a listen or two in complete and utter darkness.


Review by Vyldr