Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cityscape Drawn in Black Ink-Tales Without Words Review

1. Tale I
2. Tale II

Cityscape Drawn in Black Ink is back with a new release entitled, Tales Without Words.  With the success of the Line O EP, I am sure many in the post black genre were anxious with a new release, myself included.  Tales Without Words features two post black instrumental yet atmospheric tracks. This is surely a nice change from the previous release.  The musicianship seems a bit more mature, polished, and directional in my opinion.  While it is not as crazy as the Line 0 EP, the music delivers with its atmospheric, beautiful, and somber moments.  The experimentation with sounds is still there as well but a bit more toned as you will hear in some parts of the tracks. Overall, both tracks have a nice ever flow of guitar distortions, melodies, and tempos.  Both tracks vary in their own way.  Tale I is a bit more upbeat and hard hitting track while Tale II endures us with a softer sound and more melodramatic moments but really both tracks really are composed really well. Also, this release might require more listens to fully grasp its grand resonance.

Once again, Cityscape Drawn in Black Ink have hit the nail on the head with this new found sound.  Who knows what will entail next for the band?  All I know is that this is one band to keep an eye out for those who like the post genre.  If interested, you can download this release and other releases on the bandcamp page free of charge. Don't miss the opportunity and make sure to spread the word!!!

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Bandcamp:Cityscape Drawn in Black Ink

Review by Vyldr

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