Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cityscape Drawn in Black Ink-Line O EP Review

1. Line 0
2. Pop Song
3. Out of Order
4. Dead by Sunrise
5. Hellevator

All I really know about this band was that it was formed in November of 2011.  Still, this band is becoming one of my favorites in the genre. Why? Because unlike most boring drawn out experimental post black metal bands today, Cityscape Drawn in Black Ink actually branches out and manages to captivate both the fans of black metal, post rock, post metal, and experimental rock.  There are really no clean vocals on this EP which is good, however, there are a few whispers and really harsh black metal vox.  The musicianship is top notch displaying both beauty in slower accompaniments such as piano, synths, and what not but also displaying an nice array of black metal riffs, bass lines, and symphonics.  There are a lot of beautiful parts found throughout.  I really can't describe each track individually because there are no words to describe this awesome music.  You just have to listen to it yourself and be amazed.  Seriously, this is how post black metal should be done.  To all you boring post black metal bands, watch out, you're about to get your ass kicked by this aggressive beast. Cityscape Drawn in Black Ink is sure to make an impression in the genre after this EP.  It's really good.  Fans of the genre need to check this out!  It's a must listen.  Oh, ya, the EP can be downloaded FREE via the bandcamp page.  Go get it out now.  Support the band and spread the word!

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Bandcamp:Cityscape Drawn in Black Ink

Review by Vyldr