Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Cloud Forest-October's Overture Review

1. Cower Into My Darkness (movement 01)
2. A Part of My Collapse (movement 02)
3. Where Shadows Dissolve (movement 03)

Phoenix, Arizona's own, Eric and Shelley, are back yet again with what is another promising opus from the duo.  A Cloud Forest now presents us with three tracks of cold, atmospheric, depressive black metal compositions.  Continuing where These Mournful Days left off, the band continues to strive for success in this latest creation.  Once again Shelley engraces us with her powerful and shrieking vocals while Eric displays his upmost musical talent on the guitars, bass, and drumming.

The opus begins with, Cower Into Darkness, which is the slightly less aggressive track but let's not take away anything from that.  Eric's guitar tones and melodies are just a perfect fit for this mid tempo piece of melancholic art.  Shelley's vox are just as vicious as before especially on the next track. A Part of My Collapse is your traditional atmospheric A Cloud Forest track.  Powerful, fast, and melancholic are just some characteristics that describe this wonderous track especially as it grows towards the end into a beautiful somber of ambiance and piano. Nicely done.  And finally, Where Shadows Dissolve, which is by far the best track on this record in my opinion.  At over 10+ minutes, it has everything that the band brings forth and a little more.  That one guitar riff, almost dark romantic like, that carries the song from time to time, is sure to be embedded in your brain for a while.  You know which one it is when you listen to it. Where Shadows Dissolve surely is a mournful track filled with dark melodics and mournful emotions especially as Shelley's vox accompanies it.

Overall, another solid record, however, I found it a bit too short.  I know there is an instrumental bonus track that comes with the physical copy of the disc but I have yet not heard it.  Still, Eric and Shelley prove once again they are a force not to be reckon with. They are sure to be top contenders in the Arizonian metal scene.  If I remember correctly, the duo have a split with Lamentations of the Ashen and Moloch(Ukraine) in the future.  I am looking forward to those as well.  If you were a fan of These Mournful Days, then you will like this opus as well.

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Review by Vyldr