Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hellige-Demo Review

1. Degraded to Mortals 
2. The Rotten Waste
3. A Philosopher's Crown
4. Obnubilum

Hailing from South America, this post black/doom hybrid outfit just recently released their newest demo for 2012.  Not a lot is known of this band but with the release of the new demo, Hellige is sure to captivate new fans of the black/doom genre. 

So what does the new demo bring forth? It brings forth 4 black/doom tracks filled with dark, aggressive riffs, and melancholic tones.  The vocals interchange nicely between deathy grunts and black metal screams. A lot of nice tempo changes are found throughout the demo so it's not your typical slow doom constant speed.  At times, the fast pounding black metal takes charge and at other times, the slow tunes of deathy melodics fill the air. Just listen to the first track and you will notice the change.  There are also, at times, hints of ambiance and experimental elements.  Overall, the musicianship wanes around with sadistic black metal riffs while the music is mostly nurtured by doomish and blasphemous midtempo riffs. There are some nice memorable melodics which can tease the ear at times.  Even some killer solos can be heard. All in all, not a bad demo.  It's pretty solid actually.  It just depends how you like your doom. This demo will probably require more than 1 or 2 plays in order to fully grasp its deep dark sound.

So that's 4 tracks with a total of about 40+ minutes of black/doom.  Fans of the more atmospheric or romantic goth infused doom bands need not look here.  This demo is a pure adrenaline filled with filth and I mean that in a good way.  Dark, dirty, doomy, blackish, nothing else.  This is pure blackened doom metal at an above mediocre degree. 

Oh and as a quick note, all of the albums are free for download on the Hellige bandcamp page.  


Review by Vyldr