Sunday, October 30, 2011

Self-Inflicted Violence-A Perception of Matter and Energy Review

1. Liquids
2. Artificial Phenomenon
3. Eugenics
4. A Mental Cancer
5. Comfort In Insomnia
6. Realisation

Self-Inflicted Violence is a suicidal, depressive black metal band with little ambient and shoegaze elements.

The suicidal, depressive black metal genre seems to be evolving these days and in a good way some will say. Along with its fundamental signatures such as melancholic riffs, acoustics, radiant atmosphere and spectral vox, bands these days are incorporating some of the indie sound including post rock elements and shoegaze type atmosphere. Self-Inflicted Violence is one of these bands and they really stand out a lot from all the same ol' clones out there.

A Perception of Matter and Energy brings us 6 songs of inspiring musicianship filled with natural elements of the genre however stepping it up a notch and tweaking the sound a bit. The opener, Liquids, is one of the best openers in the genre. It gives the listener of what to expect, from its Drudkh-like sound with nice guitar tones to its chilling emotional guitar strums that go perfect with the mournful vox. Artificial Phenomenon incorporates a much more oriented yet simple vibe with midtempo screams. The trance-like and dreamy sounds of Eugenics follows and gives the listener a lighter feel of deprivation with some post rock/shoe gaze elements but still keeping a flowing aggression of riffs. Next comes in A Mental Cancer which in my opinion is the most beautiful piece on the album. This song just flows nicely. It starts of with some mellow strumming and goes into a melancholic frenzy of guitars and sounds. I usually get the chills listening to this song. Comfort in Insomnia is what it says. It's has a much more slow paced tempo but stills incorporates those melodic riffs of devastation and some nice ambiance. Finally, the dreary sounds of Realisation ends the album. What we have here is an instrumental ambient landscape filled with shoegazeing moments of sorrowful piano, haunting atmosphere, and dreamy effects. Nice little closure there.

Overall, a successful full length from Self-Inflicted Violence. Don't let the band name fool you. It almost fooled me but trust me, this is worth listening to. Not a bunch of people know of their existence yet but I hope they get recognized soon. A Perception of Matter and Energy is mind-blowing in its way. The musicianship is top notch in my opinion. Others have said this band reminds them of a more emotional Drudkh and/or heavier Lifelover. Why not take a listen and find out for yourself?

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Review by Vyldr

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