Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kyla-Into the Depths / Blood Review

1. Into the Depths
2. Blood

Kyla is the suicidal, depressive black metal solo project of Kim Carlsson. Kim Carlsson is known from such bands as Life is Pain and Hypothermia. Carlsson is also one of the founding members of the successful, Lifelover. Kyla's depressive and pain in the dark ideology is no different from those bands. The musicianship here is not as avantgarde as Lifelover but continues on a a more Life is Pain path.

Into Depths/Blood brings us two suicidal, depressive tracks both reaching around the 9 minute mark. There are no acoustic interludes or ambient passages here. All you get are the dark, distorted guitar sounds, drums, and haunting vocals of Kim Carlsson. These melancholic rifftastic tracks are pretty straight forward with a hint of melancholy. The tempo pretty much stays the same, no slow downs or anything, just a long continuous bliss of loneliness.

Overall, not bad at all. This is good to hear if you are weary of depressive black metal bands with acoustic, keys, and other interludes. As I stated previously, this is pretty much straight forward black metal with a hint of melancholy but then again, this isn't Lifelover, it's Kyla!

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Review by Vyldr

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