Sunday, October 30, 2011

Eftwyrd-Eftwyrd Review

1. Herbstentschluss
2. Die Nacht
3. An den Tod
4. Wie tausend Ketten

Eftwyrd is a folk/black metal band hailing from Germany. This project contains two members, Sebastian Braun and David Vardeh. Braun handles the guitar and vocals while Vardeh contributes bass lines and violins. The self titled EP was released this year.

When people think folk they think accordions, flutes, whistles, and other traditional instruments. Well that is not the case with this EP. The only instrument used to carry the dynamic flow of the songs besides the clean and distorted guitars is the violin. The violin sounds of Vardeh everflow with melancholic melody accompanying the guitars. Although this is folk black it is more mellow and traditional folk sounding. I guess you could use the word neofolk to an extent. There are some fast blackened sounds as heard on "Herbstentschluss" and "Die Nacht" which will steal your soul, but for the most part the songs are pretty chill and mellow. The vocals range from clean, whispers, and blackened. The musicianship overall is top notch. Every moment of this EP is radiant and angelic.

How to describe this EP? Fucking awesome. This should definitely be listened to by folk, neofolk fans, or to those who enjoy very alluring and haunting violin sound scapes. Eftwyrd have done an excellent job with this EP and I am looking forward to what they put out next.


Review by Vyldr

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