Sunday, October 30, 2011

Decaying Theory-Melodies from 7th Feet Review

1. Opus 181
2. Journey Begins..
3. Insane
4. Vacuole
5. Lament

Decaying Theory is one band I accidentally found on facebook but I am glad I did. After looking around I noticed a link on the fb page which had the demo "Melodies from 7th Feet" available for free download. So since I had the time I went ahead and took the chance and heard the demo and wow was I amazed at the talent of Decaying Theory. This solo project of Hansaka Dananjaya who hails from Sri-Lanka (Colombo) can be categorized as instrumental & experimental, depressive black metal.

Opus 181 is a nice experimental track that has an eerie, zombie-ish, carnival feel to it. It kind of reminds me of an instrumental of an old horror/zombie film, ie The Beyond, House by The Cemetery, etc. Journey Begins.. is where it gets even more epic. Journey Begins is a beautiful piece of melancholic art. From the beginning of the somber piano strokes and timpani drums, it will way you in a deep dark state of bleak optimism. Once the guitars come in, it continues on a continuous flow of melancholic emotion. I have no other words how to describe this piece but EPIC and DEPRESSIVE. I get the chills just listening to this track and you probably will too. Insane takes a turn and twist and brings forth a beastly and continuous old school black metal sound. Speed, aggression, rawness, and a little bit of experimentation, it's all here. I would of liked to have heard vocals on this track but still this track was very well done nonetheless. Vacuole is a continuation only slowing the sound. Vacuole brings forth a drumless guitar track piece. Dark guitar riffs encircle as atmosphere as a nice somber guitar melody plays in the back ground. Yet, another creative track. And finally this opus ends with Lament. Lament is an atmospheric instrumental track which has experimental string sounds all around that bring out a nice and eerie sound.

Oh, what a journey it has been with the sounds of Decaying Theory. Melodies from 7th Feet has done its justice. Almost every track is different but similar in emotion. Avantgarde, experimental, depression, black metal, all here to make this demo one of the best demos I have heard this year. With that said, I crave more. I really hope Hansaka Dananjaya continues with this project. It seems to be going in the right direction. This demo will surely make a fan out of you once you listen to it and if not, then your loss.


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Review by Vyldr

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