Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cry-Dead Within Review

1. Overture to Nothingness
2. Requiem for Self
3. For my Deadsoul, a Cradlesong
4. Shattered Reflections
5. Funeral for the Mirror
6. What Time Awaits
7. Lonewolf
8. Void Full of Emptiness

Take experimental, depressive black metal and add some epic atmosphere ala Summoning and what do we get? Cry! Cry is a one man project that hails from India. Cry have released a demo and EP in the past and they got some good reviews. Dead Within is the first full length of mastermind I and the one man band continues to impress

From the beginning of Overture to Nothingness to the Void Full of Emptiness, one will be taken across the lands of manifold emotions such as death, melancholy, and loneliness. Upon first listen you will notice the strong use of synths and keys through out each song. While they do seem a bit over saturated, they do create a much added atmosphere that carry each song to its own individual path. The keys vary through out including a few experimental sounds that manage to entice the ear at times. The vox is mostly like a lightly echoed blackened sound. It goes perfect with the music. There are also at times whispers and clean singing. The guitars seem to drown behind all the atmosphere but still they do seem to exist at parts where the synths are toned down a bit. Overall drumming is not bad and kept at a mid tempo pace most of the time, however there are few places where it does speed up. The overall album is a beautiful piece of dark art. All that begins well, ends well.

In summation, a fan of atmospheric black metal should check this album out. Tracks such as Requiem for Self, For My Deadsoul, A Cradle song, and Lonewolf are sure to give you your dose of experimental and beautiful awe-ing black metal. Dead Within is sure to capture new fans of the genre with its sound.


Review By Vyldr

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