Sunday, October 30, 2011

Balnasar-Ein kalter Nachtgedanke Review

1. Ewigkeit
2 .Es ward vergessen
3. Regen
4. Waldgeist
5. Tränen im Morgenlicht
6. Nebelwald
7. Ein letzter Glockenschlag

Balnasar is a suicidal/depressive black metal band containing elements of ambiance from Germany. Ein kalter Nachtgedanke is the first full length and it delivers some goods.

Ewigkeit, the ambient interlude, fades in as the first track. From hearing this you can tell the piano and ambiance blend together very well creating a somber sound of beautiful darkness. Es Ward Vergesses follows bringing in aggressive riffs, haunting ambiance, some electric acoustic and nice tempo changes. The vox here go from hateful shrieks to outbursting screams of help. This also happens to be the longest track on the album nearing the 10:26 mark though it manages to keep the listener glued to it. Regen comes in next. I will say that the piano parts here are very beautiful especially with the blending of the guitars and ambiance. The bass parts are pretty audible and bring forth another ingredient to this song. Beautiful song.

The melancholic and melodic Waldgeist follows. Here we hear some clean vocals for the first time as well as a more blackened, darker vox than the outbursting screams of all the other songs. Distortions, acoustics, ambiance, and piano are all well placed here creating a melody of bleakness. Perfect song in my opinion. I cannot describe how good this song is. Tränen im Morgenlicht is a more doomy heavy riff, driven guitarish song with nice piano accompaniment and a midtempo beat. This is a slightly different song but it still delivers thanks to the piano. Nebelwald follows in the same tradition of Tränen im Morgenlicht but doomier, darker, heavier, and less piano though not bad at all. Finally, Ein letzter Glockenschlag closes this album. This is another short doomy inspired song kind of combining the last two songs. Pretty good but very short though not bad for the outro.

In summation, all I can say is that Balnasar is a band I am looking forward to in the future. Don't let the name fool you, it may sound weird but the music is all good. The album as a whole didn't really lack anything. All the instruments did there fairshare part in their respective places. The piano is what made me fall in love with this album. I don't think it was overdone either, I believe the piano and keys came in at the right places just making the song more beautiful. Fans of the suicidal and or the black metal genre, this album is definitely worth a listen. Actually, anyone into the extreme metal genre, shouldn't miss out on this album from this new up and coming band. Well done.

Review by Vyldr

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