Sunday, October 30, 2011

Araxas-Umarmung des Nebels Review

1. Umarmung des Nebels
2. Path of Illusions
3. Looking Back (Instrumental)
4. Im Schatten meiner selbst
5. Wiege der Zeit
6. Untitled
7. A New Morning (Instrumental)

As it gets towards the end of the year I am sure most of you are rummaging through musical thoughts and wondering what your top ten metal albums of the year 2010 have been. Well, stop right there for a minute because this one album or rather demo is one you will not want to miss this year. Araxas mastermind, Leonhard Waltersdorfer, has done it again with a new demo, Umarmung des Nebels. Originally, it was supposed be released in the summer but it was pushed back till November 22, 2010. Umarmung des Nebels, to be honest, was worth the wait. Umarmung des Nebels definitely surpasses the older demos including my past favorite, Suicide of My Mind. In the new demo you can expect a more mature, darker, and atmospheric side of Araxas, almost similar to the epic Dunkelheit demo, but in a depressive reincarnation.

From start to end, the demo will captivate those that are fans of the depressive blackmetal genre. Umarmung des Nebels brings us 5 tracks of total melancholy and 2 dark and somber ambient instrumentals. A new ingredient featured in this demo is that most of the songs are more atmospheric and synth driven and I am not talking about those tedious synths bands tend to utilize that end up sounding cheesy or annoying. The synths on this demo are utilized to epic proportions and definitely give each song a dimension and something to fall back on for leverage. "Umarmung des Nebels," the opening track, is a good example of this as well as the second track, "Path of Illusions," which takes it a step forwards and even displays a hint of dark romanticism. Another ingredient that will mend your black heart out of hate for a moment are the small classical piano passages as found on the instrumentals and songs "Im Schatten meiner selbst" and my favorite track on the demo "Untitled." Old Araxas fans do not fear because "Wiege der Zeit" brings back reminiscence of the last demo, Das Ende der Gezeiten, as it displays a faster, more aggressive, and progressive side of Araxas.

All in all, this demo has everything and more for fans of Araxas or the depressive black metal genre. The flow of the music and musicianship is top notch and web the listener more and more with each listen. Leonhard Waltersdorfer has definitely found a way to captivate fans and lead followers onto a bleak yet omnidirectional road full of elusive and dark suicidal thoughts with his alluring creations. Araxas is definitely heading in the right direction with its sound. In my opinion, Umarmung des Nebels has surpassed all of the other demos. For those who are craving Araxas past creations, all demos can be found on the myspace page for free download or purchase. Support suicidal black metal! Download or purchase now, I say. It is definitely worth it. Only a year ago I thought Araxas was a just a random band but now Araxas has definitely become one of my fave bands of all time. Thank you for your hard work Leonhard and am looking forward to what Araxas brings next.


Review by Vyldr

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