Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ravenfrost-Agonies of the Past Review

1. What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Weaker
2.  The Roots Unearthed
3. Under the Surface
4. Melancholic Maelstrom
5. To Envy the Nameless Dead

Rating: 9/10

---A Twisted Past Foretold---

Fans of the German black metal band Ravenfrost can finally rejoice as K., the mastermind behind the band, announced that Ravenfrost will unleashed its first debut album.  After an abundance of EP's. splits, and compilations, it was about time this one man band finally graced us with a full length.  I have had the honor to get an advance listening copy and I can say that the first album, this album, Agonies of the Past, is not a disappointment.  In fact I believe it is a step up from his past work.  Of course no disrespect to that, Agonies of the Past surely shows that K. has matured more as a musician as well, bringing us depressive melodies, experimental and alluring atmospheric vibes, beautiful interludes, and so forth.  It seems to be his more memorable work to date in my opinion.  Although I wish the music was in his native tongue, the transition to English lyrics is something I don't mind.  It gives new fans from all over the world to experience his tales of suffering and woes from the distant path.  He tells a nice and wistful story and the music surely is the cinematic capture behind it all. The first track, What doesn't Kill You Makes You Weaker, is a perfect example of such pessimistic lyrical content.  He surely has done an amazing job creating this melancholic piece of art. 

In this 30+ minute opus, one can expect a lot of depressive and melancholic melodies at a high altitude.  The Roots Unearthed, in my opinion, is probably the best and most memorable track on the album.  Listen to it and those oppressive melodies will suck you into a warp of bleak matter and even cause a chill down your spine for that matter.  Although the same can be said with the experimental Melancholic Maelstrom with its killer melodic picks and storytelling lyrics. Lots of nice surprises on this track even at the more slower moments.  Just dark and beautiful in such a talented way.  Of course all the other tracks on this album surely have something for everyone who envy black metal with a hint of doom in a depressive, naturalistic fashion. 

In conclusion, fans of Ravenfrost or even new listeners are sure to give this some attention.  The lyrics and the blackened/death vox do such a good job with the visions of darkness and storytelling .  The musicianship, as I have mentioned, has improved in such good notoriety. The whole album in fact seems more mature and polished.  I don't know if everyone who have heard his work from the past will notice or if it is just me.  Regardless, Agonies of the Past is surely a worthy listen for everyone into the black arts of melancholy. Old fans of Ravenfrost will surely enjoy this as I have did..  I am pretty sure that this is the album that will gain many new fans for K. as well.  It certainly has been a good journey listening to this wondrous piece of dark art.  A job well done!

---Review by Freddy Garcia---

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