Sunday, June 16, 2013

Grauzeit Interview

Grauzeit is a two man band consisting of L. and Argwohn, both whom are talented musicians in their own right. The music of Grauzeit has been a tremendous journey. Grauzeit mixes the ingredients of melancholic metal and adds various musical styles. Urban Musickness.  Here I interview the band on their long journey, future projects and releases, and more.  It's sure a good read.  I hope you enjoy it. 


1. First things first!  How are you guys? How is recording for the new album coming along?  Has Grauzeit manifested with new members or is it still a two piece for this next upcoming release?

L: "Hello! I am fine so far, thanks! Drums are recorded yet the rest will follow soon, I guess. We are still a core of 2 members, Argwohn and me, L.

But there will be guests, especially for vocals!"

2. Awesome!  Do you guys have a due date yet for the new release?  Maybe the fall or winter or 2013?  Can we expect that experimental and eerie sound that was sought on Tyrannei der Tristesse?  Or is it more metal or what can you tell us about the sound?

L: "A release date is not yet planned, at first we want to get the recording stuff behind us... Then mixing/mastering, which takes usually a lot of time. We try to find a label for it, that takes a lot of time, too.. so I would say maybe late 2013 / early 2014...

The songs themselves are surely more "metal" than on our recently EP. If I would have to state a genre where we would fit into, I would call it "Post-wedontgiveafuck" since we really don't care if we fit into a genre or not. You  can expect a dark and urban epos of heavy mindfuck."

3. Aye! I hear ya! Urban Musickness!  And speaking of musickness, it seems like a busy year for both of you with what Galaktik Cancer Squard, Grauzeit, Morphinist, and other various projects.  Don't you guys take a break? (laughs)

L: "Well, yes, there are many releases planned for this year, especially with Argwohn's Morphinist. We don't really need to take a break since making music is all we have got! You know that, we both are like these socially awkward basement-dwellers, haha."

4. So how was the reaction when 440 The Remix Suite was released?  and the same with Tyrannei der Tristesse?  I am sure you guys got a lot of good criticism and maybe some bad.  I know I was a fan of this because you guys didn't really sound like any other band and you guys were doing your own thing.  

Argwohn: "The reactions were good and bad, as you said, but mostly good. You can imagine that the positive reactions came from our open-minded and unique way of musical mindfuckery. So the purists of black metal didn't appreciate that much. As long as we can enjoy our music, it is good enough for anybody else!"

5. So if I may ask what was the influence in change of sound for the EP?  Did you guys just decide to do it or what?  Any bands, metal or non metal, that influenced you guys into this direction?  

L: "It was more the question, what is Grauzeit about and how can we transfer it best into music. Because of that Argwohn was asked to write some songs for an EP and after that, he joined the band and "Tyrannei der Tristesse" was born."

6. What is your opinion on how extreme metal is evolving these days? A lot of extreme bands have been evolving with the moniker post "insert genre here" and these days it just seems to be swarming with bands. Good or bad? What is your take on this?    

L: "It is necessary to have some kind of evolution or progress in music/art, otherwise you will suffer from endless repeats of the same shit. Sure, it is hard to name something that is still somewhere between old and new, but in 20 years all these "insert genre here"-bands will have their tags. The problem is that nowadays every untalented bastard can spread his crap through various internet platforms. We really don't appreciate that and think music/art should be done by those who have the required ability. The world doesn't need more shitty rookie recordings."

7. How would you describe the term Urban Musickness for new fans? Are you sold out of the Urban Musickness T shirt for fans who are still interested in your merch?  

Argwohn: "Urban Musickness is not just a term, it is our philosophy and inspiration. The modern city life causes a lot of mental sickness, but instead of drowning in darkness we try to use all emotions and energy to create some kind of raft that will carry us through this gray ocean of human coldness and mental delusions.

Don't worry, we made a lot of shirts, because everybody hates the "out of stock" status."

8. I know right now you guys don't want to play nor do anything live but is there a possibility of seeing Grauzeit playing live in the future? Perhaps?

Argwohn: "Sure, somewhere in the future we will enter the stages, but at first we need a complete band full of music-loving bastards. Also the songwriting has to be focused on live performing and stuff. It's always a pain in the ass if you have to slim your tracks because you can't play them exactly like on record."

9. Other than working on the new album, what other releases or other projects can we expect from you guys this year, if any?

L: "Especially Argwohn has countless sideprojects, just to mention Galaktik Cancer Squad and Morphinist. Both come up with new stuff in the next weeks. And, believe it or not, we've just started songwriting for a second Grauzeit full-length."

10. Well, any last words for the fans or something you'd like to share.  Feel free to tell.

Argwohn: "Get drunk and worship Satan."

---Interview conducted by Freddy Garcia---

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