Sunday, April 14, 2013

Uruk-Hai-Lebensende: Winter Review

1. Lebensende: Winter
2. Lebensende: Winter [Different Version]
3. Hidden Path

Uruk-Hai!  While there are a few bands with this name, the one I am referring to on this particular review is the Austrian dark ambient project of Alexander Weiser. This project goes back to 1999 with numerous releases of splits, tapes, compact discs, etc. and still counting! Lebensende: Winter, which I believe is the latest, was released March 16, 2013 via the label Obscure Dungeon Records. While I really had no experience with Alexander's music whatsoever I had no idea what my ears would be getting into.

With the numerous increase of dark ambient project populating in the scene these days I thought to myself that this would be just another bland band trying to make a name for themselves. Of course this project had a history dating back to the early 90's so I was sure it would do something.   I was caught by surprise when I listened to this release.  I am not sure if it was the rainy, cold weather outside while listening to this but something just clicked in that cloudy mind of mine.  Alexander has a way of creating some bewitching and perverse ambient music but also coalescing some of the beautiful aspects in his creations too.  

For instance the first two tracks.  While they don't vary too far from each other, they have their own distinct sound, ala the first track resonating from a much lighter sound and the second track displaying a much darker aspect of it.  Depending on your taste, whether your a typical ambient drone fan or if you are a more darker kind of blackish ambient type person, one will be sure to captivate you.  I prefer the more darker aspect of it of course in no disrespect to the other one.  I just feel more in tune with it and it displays a more dark, experimental raw sound with some demonic-like words and such.  That is just me though.  Regardless, both versions are good in their own retrospect. Hidden Path is also another pleasing piece of art.  Eerie, haunting, enchanting(the female voices) and more.  I wish I could say more but no words can describes its alluring sound and do it justice.  You just have to listen to it for yourself!  I am glad to have found this release by accident.  It was surely a mesmerizing experience.  

If you anyone is interested in hearing this awesome release, one can do so at the Obscure Dungeon Records bandcamp page.  You can donate if you wish but it can also be downloaded for free as well. The free download also includes a bonus video of Lebensende: Winter[Different Version]. I would surely recommend this to fans who adore the dark sound of ambient music with light touches of medieval landscapes.


Review by Freddy Garcia

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