Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Endlos-Oktober EP Review

1. I
2. II

Endlos is a blackened doom project hailing from Germany. Oktober is the latest release from the duo of J.(drums/vox) and C. (guitars)  Previously they have had an earlier demo released entitled, Von Sommernacht and Winterfall.  Going back to Oktober, this band seems to be heading in the right direction with their music creativity.  Within this EP, the band unleashes a sort of a raw, old school like, black/doom feel. Track I is pure doom bliss madness with a touch of gloom.  The harsh vox of J. fit comfortably with the output this track.  A glimpse of clean vox are unveiled but only for a short time giving the track a more personal touch as well.  II continues with a more somber depressive style yet keeping that doom feel towards the end.  You can for sure feel the pain the band is trying to unleash out of their depraved minds and with success mind you.  All instruments seem to be in order although the drums tend to drag a little but in the long run, the track is still worth a listen. Both tracks are great.

In the end, Oktober delivers and it seems that this duo from Germany is heading in the right direction with their music. The band self released this EP on tape limited to 10 copies but Tridroid Records plans release a physical copy of this EP in Februaury 2013 according to the bandcamp page.  I really do hope for another follow up soon but in the meantime we do have this stellar release to embrace.  You can tell the band poured their blackened hearts out with this EP.


Review by Vyldr

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