Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ravenfrost-5 Year Anniversary Compilation Download

By request of K. the mastermind behind Ravenfrost.

Ravenfrost's 5th Year aanniversary has come and to celebrate it, K., the mastermind behind Ravenfrost has allowed me to share this special compilation with you all available for FREE download. The compilation includes 13 free songs. For those unfamiliar with the band, Ravenfrost is a depressive German black metal band with touches of doom, ambient, and experimental parts.  Some samples are provided below.

For those interested you can download the compilation on the bands website here.

Here is a direct quote from K.

"I do not believe in stubborn genre definitions. Ravenfrost is about music, no matter what you want to call it! Depression is no fun. Unlike other bands I do not glorify suicide or self-inflicted violence. I believe that music should be a way to cope with grief and depression and nothing else."

Feel free to spread the word!

Happy or rather Darkest Listening!