Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zmierzch-Anders Suhm EP Review

1. Kristiansand
2. 1738
3. Anders Suhm

Hailing from Poland comes a black metal that is on the rise. Zmierzch, meaning twilight in english, is a black metal band that incorporates misanthropy, hate, and nihilism to its already depraved sound. Zmierzch have released two demos and a split and now give us the pleasure with a new EP entitled Ander Suhm.

Anders Suhm brings forth three melancholic black metal tracks to a high degree. Unlike most depressive black metal acts Zmierzch seem to stand alone from the rest. You don't get acoustics, soft spots, crying screams, or bland mid tempo beats. What they bring forth is hateful black metal filled with a nice dose of melancholic riffs and blast beats. Save those long mid tempo beats for the weak! All tracks are done in a hateful black metal manner with the occasional and yet memorable melancholic riffs. The tracks don't really overdose on anything and the sound is not at a dull constant as we do get a few tempo changes throughout the EP. The vox is straight forward black metal. No high screams, whispers, or crying. All hate! Guitars are aggressive yet melodic and the drums really does the music justice with its hard hitting blasts!

In the End, Anders Suhm delivers! I just wish this was a bit longer. I really hope this band gets more notoriety and/or give us a full length in the future.


Review by Vyldr

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