Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sleeping Peonies-Rose Curl, Sea Swirl Review

1. Lighthouse Alight, Stars Aligned
2. Dreamy Duskywings
3. The Piers are Ghosts
4. Frost, Sparkling
5. Deer Attacking Hunter

Well before I begin the review I will say that I have the original copy therefore I don't have the 2 bonus tracks, Sugary Bergerets and Mist and Seaspray, Mermaids Singing Far Away that have been going around. For that, I apologize.

I am not sure if this is a new trend or what but a lot of extreme bands have been dosing off into other genres and experimental phases. What seem to be popular amongst the underground scene nowadays are these melancholic post rock/shoe gaze, post black bands coming out with their eerie or sketch written logos. Some of them, such as Alcest, are pretty good but others just try too hard and well, the sound just comes out confused and bland. Amongst these bands is this band, Sleeping Peonies, hailing from Norfolk England and can be described with a dark and melancholic post black, shoegaze type of raw sound. I have been into this genre sort of say for a while and I can say this band stands out more than most. Rose Curl, Sea Swirl is the first Ep by the band and it proves that they have what it takes to compete with all the watered downed wannabees.

From beginning to end all the songs will capture your imagination. This Ep reminds me of the band Jesu at times but with blackened vox. Lighthouse Alight, Stars Aligned starts the album at a mellow pace but quickly speeds up accompanied by beautiful experimental sounds and blackened vox, which I will say fits the music nicely. Such emotion displayed here. Dreamy Duskywings takes the musicianship up a notch displaying even more emotional and powerful music in a shoe gazing manner with added piano and dreamy effects. Just a note, there are no clean vocals on this Ep whatsoever, it's all blackened vox used in a suicidal/depressive manner. The Piers are Ghosts continues in its tradition, however, sounding a bit more evil, darker than the rest if you will with minor tempo changes and ambiance. The faster Frost, sparkling follows with blasting drums and added experimental effects. Actually you will hear drum pounding throughout most of the songs but I think it's stronger here. It slows down a bit but unleashes a nice ever flow of gloominess and grey matters. The Ep finally ends with instrumental closer, Deer Attacking Hunter.

So in conclusion what we get from Rose Curl, Sea Swirl is a beautiful piece of musical art induced with a raw black metal sound but filled with many inclinations such as haunting ambiance, experimental clean guitar tones and other effects, blasting drums, audible bass lines, and shrieking vox all in one perfect combination. I will say that this music will probably not be for every extreme black metal fan. This is more for those who like to explore different genres going from suicidal black metal, to post rock, shoegaze, ambiance, and so forth. If your a fan of those, this should be the perfect sound for you. Power and Emotional, is all I can say!

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Review by Vyldr

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