Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nebelfront-Pour Ma Sœur Review

1. Devant l'Abime
2. River
3. Den gefangenen Geist befreiend
4. Regnerischer Waldspaziergang
5. Nostalgische Melancholie
6. Empathie
7. Einsame Tränen
8. Nebelfront
9. Gray Landscape of Despair
10. Erwachen - Outro

Hailing from Austria comes a new one man black metal band named Nebelfront. Nebelfront is a project of Herbstklang Nebelfront. Nebelfront mixes depressive black metal with acoustic interludes and other experimental ambiances in his work. Pour Ma Sœur was released on December 24, 2010 by the German underground label Der neue Weg. Pour Ma Sœur features 10 tracks filled with depressive raw melodies and acoustic elements.

First of all, I am not sure if I got a very advanced rough copy or what not but I noticed there are a few out of place rhythm spots, sometimes too ahead or sometimes a bit delayed but that really doesn't take away what the music brings forth for the most part.

"Devant l'Abime" is a very good instrumental opener incorporating some nice and catchy melancholic, dark yet aggressive riffs and some haunting piano passages. Now comes "River" as it flows down into melancholic rhythm and black metal mayhem. One element that is sure to capture the ear is the experimental and haunting piano tones heard. "River" flows nicely especially as it withers to the end with a nice guitar tone and sound. "Den gefangenen Geist befreiend" brings back a somewhat familiar melody, almost like the melody of "Devant l'Abime" but with a more sadistic sounding guitar tone. This track flows nicely with melody and tempo changes. "Den gefangenen Geist befreiend" is surely a track that will capture your imagination especially from the middle and on. Awesome track. "Regnerischer Waldspaziergang" is a nice acoustic piece with some beautiful soundscapes of rain. "Nostalgische Melancholie" carries on from the end of the previous track. This is a very well done track as it is filled with depressive emotion, dark riffs, acoustics, and piano. The drums on this track are nicely done and very noticeable. The only 2 problems I had with this track were that some of the acoustic strums and piano parts were out of alignment at times and it sounded kind of bad and also the ending was weak but other than that, it's a pretty sweet track.

"Empathie" has a nice up rocky and catchy beat to it but it doesn't stay like that for long as it goes in an everflow of empathetic depressive black metal. The acoustic strums on this song are done nicely as it goes on to a nice mixture of black metal and acoustic guitars entwined. "Empathie" is another track that satisfies depression. Good track. "Einsame Tränen" follows up nicely with its mellow acoustic strums and whispers. Next comes in the chaotic sounds of "Nebelfront." This track has a nice hatred and aggressive sound to it all the way. I really enjoy the shreddage here and also the hint of folk melody is a nice added touch. "Gray Landscape of Despair" is just that. Desperation is calling and it will engulf you into its array of melancholic emotions. This track reminds me a bit of Nocturnal Depression. Nice usage of the acoustic/distortion combination as they both invoke the song to its 10+ minute of epic sorrow. Finally the album concludes with the acoustic outro of "Erwachen" which consists of mellow acoustic and some beautiful background soundscapes.

All in all, not bad. Aside from the musicianship errors, Pour Ma Sœur delivered well in my opinion. I really hope Herbstklang can continue in this direction with his music however a bit more toned and more efficient with his musicianship. Songs like River, Nostalgische Melancholie, and Gray Landscape of Despair proves that Nebelfront has dark creativity and has what it takes to move up to the next level.


Review by Vyldr

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