Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lost Inside-Never Again Demo Review

1. I Remember
2. Without Purpose
3. Scars of Silence
4. Never Again

Lost Inside, the U.S. depressive black metal band from Alabama are back with another demo titled, Never Again. Last they brought us Endless Denial which was a pretty solid demo in my opinion. Never Again sounds a bit more mature than the previous even with production.

Fading in first is I Remember with its nice acoustics and aggressive riffs. At first listen, the vox seems pretty harsh but it is listenable and does the music justice. The catchy, melancholic, and melodic chorus that Lost Inside are known for in the previous, Endless Denial, tames it way back in with aweness. Nice opener there. Without Purpose is pretty much a dark ambient and atmospheric instrumental with strange noises and some acoustics which build up into a nice somber track. Next up is Scars of Silence. This is your pretty standard mid tempo depressive track with some nice added riffs. The demo finally concludes with the title track, Never Again, which in my opinion is the most impressive track. The title track has a somber, catchy melody blending in the music with acoustics at a mid pace mellow level. The drums are also very dominant here. This song will have you bopping your head to the melody for sure.

Well, Lost Inside have done it again with another successful demo. Bring us a full length soon is all I can say. Never Inside is a pretty short and sweet demo filled with nice, catchy melodies and songs that make you want to sway your head or headbang to the sound. This band has yet to disappoint. I am looking forward to these guys in 2010.

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Review By Vyldr

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