Tuesday, November 1, 2011

About Desolation Infinite

Desolation Infinite was created by myself, Freddy Garcia, on November 1, 2011 after my former project, Infra Iridian, sunk into the oceans.  As a novice reviewer for Infra Iridian, I just couldn't stop writing reviews or write for other webzines around.  I wanted to do my own thing, on my own terms, at my own pace with no limits thus this blogzine was created. I have a passion for it now which is funny because it started as a joke but now it has become a hobby of mine.

Desolation Infinite is mostly dedicated to melancholic music, my love for Melancholic Black Metal, however, I don't mind exploring a few other genres if it comes my way.

So from here on out, I continue on my path and do what I love to do and that is to listen to black metal and do some reviews every now and then. And while I am no expert reviewer, I think I have done much to get a lot of bands noticed within the black metal community and that is what I hope to keep doing from now on.

This project is still under construction and I will adding new features and remodeling as I can.

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