Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nihilistic Misanthropy/Force Fed Life Split Review

1. Nihilistic Misanthropy-Don't Go (Happy Days cover)
2. Nihilistic Misanthropy-Life without Purpose
3. Nihilistic Misanthropy-Drowning in Solitude
4. Nihilistic Misanthropy-Everlasting Depressive Illness
5. Force Fed Life-Cellophane Goodbye
6. Force Fed Life-I Will Never Forgive You...
7. Force Fed Life-The Pain You Caused

Depression:sadness;gloom;dejection. That is exactly what this tape released on June 2011 brings forth. Depressive Illusions Records presents two depressive blackmetal acts both hailing from Texas, Nihilistic Misanthropy and Force Fed Life. Nihilistic Misanthropy consists of Einsamkeit on vocals while E.H. handles all the instruments. Force Fed Life consists of P. on vocals while D.H handles the guitar and programming. Force Fed Life have been on a few splits in the past while I believe this could be a first time for Nihilistic Misanthropy. Nonetheless, listen to these two bands together in the dark or by candle light and it will surely captivate you and unleash some sort of depraved emotion within.

Starting with a Happy Day cover, that should say that Nihilistic Misanthropy is surely inspired by them. If you like your sound raw then this will be favorable. While of course nothing beats the original, Nihilistic Misanthropy does a nice attempt of Don't Go. Life without Purpose is on the opposite end of the spectrum. This track has a more raw, guitar over driven, blast beat, black metal track feel. It reminds me of the old school days when the rawness/speeds sound was at its pinnacle with a hint of bleakness. From fast paced to now a more calmer and somber mood in Drowning in Solitude. Little acoustics flourish through out melancholic, distorted guitar strums as Nihilistic Misanthropy takes us on a journey to solitude with its mid tempo beat and loveless sounds. This track is sure to lower your self-esteem a bit. Everlasting Depressive Illness continues in the same tradition as Drowning in Solitude, a mid paced tempo, somber riffs, helpless vocals, and pure hopelessness. However a bit repetitive at times with the guitars, the vocals of Einsamkeit seem to outshine here for the most part as the track fades in a very soothing and depressing way as it should be.

Now we are endured with Force Fed Life. Cellophane Goodbye is a track consisting of clean guitars, depressed distorted melodics, tempo changes, and a hint of progression as far as it sounds go. It might take you a few more listens to actually fully grasp this track. I Will Never Forgive You... is one perfect example of how a depressive black metal track should be. It doesn't rush you on first listen as it has a nice elusive build up. I really do enjoy the drum sound on this track. They are not constant at a dull tempo and change from time to time as the ever flowing guitar sounds drown us in pain. For a 10+ minute track, it was very well done track. And thus the split ends with The Pain You Caused which is another awesome track within itself. It's a very powerful and emotional depressive track. There are even hints of depressive rock throughout in my opinion. The guitars are top notch always keeping you in tuned with your inner demons insisting you do the unthinkable. Once again the drums are flawless. Words cannot describe how beautiful and sadistic this track is. This surely the perfect way to end the split.

Surely these are two bands that go together nicely on the split. I have been laying in my room all day gazing at the ceiling thinking and listening to this split over and over. I have been through a roller coaster of emotions and been feeling it flowing through my veins. Sadness; Gloom; Dejection are sure to take control. If I could go back in time back to high school when I did my senior project on depression, I would just play this tape in hopes of explaining anything and everything. Some people have no idea.... This split was better than I expected and I am glad to have come across it.

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Review by Vyldr

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